Coven of the Wraith

Bloodlord Slawomiro I (The Wraith) → /Hidden Lineage/ → Bl Slawomiro V (Known as Shiro the Ghost, Current Bloodlord)

This coven hates everything living. Even before the fall of King Basarab and the Original Kingdom they were ‘playing with their food.’ They took up residence in Imperial China and Feudal Japan. Due to their nature, they were the original serial killers, and many worked as assassins. The Ninja are humans that imitated the Wraith with tricks and devices. The Bloodlord of the coven is usually the one that carries out the ‘checks-and-balances’ as he can actually teleport himself (alone, only inanimate objects he is wearing come with him) to any place that he has been before. Because of this, new Bloodlords do not invite him anywhere they don’t want him ‘dropping in.’ Vampires in this coven get 1D6 extra speed. While in Mist Form, as long as there is no wind (even tailwind, as they need to concentrate to keep themselves together), they get an additional 1D6 boost, which is rolled every time they transform.

Shiro the Ghost is infamous among the vampire covens for his sick pleasures. Though it surprises most vampires that are outside the royal families (Those of the first- and second-born in their coven, within two generations,) He and Luke are very close allies. The reason is because Shiro is head of research and development for the Hemacorp pharmaceuticals empire. He enjoys being able to do more than merely hunt-and-gather. Since their alliance, Hemacorp’s breakthroughs – and as a result, profits – have skyrocketed. Shiro does see Luke with contempt for his insistence of drinking “Taken” blood only, but it seems to be the only thing that they don’t see eye-to-eye on.

Special Powers:

Mist Abilities

Cost: None; Duration: Any
Speed: +1d6, if there is no wind.
Other Natural Abilities: Impervious to all physical attacks, including
wood, silver, fire and most magic. Still vulnerable to
water and elemental magic. Can slide under doors, through
cracks and crevices, keyholes, etc.
Combat: Can suffocate any breathing being. Deals 2D6 per melee, must roll a strike each melee. +10% to prowl ability (although silent, the mist is very large and obvious).
Note: Cannot use psionics in mist form, but can cast Summon Mist: Greater

Summon Mist: Greater

Range: 90 foot distance, affects a 10 foot diameter, +10 on 7-15.
Duration: One Melee Round
Saving Throw: Dodge, counts as a melee, only roll if has a SPD rating of 30 or greater.
Cost: None
This magic enables the sorcerer to create a cloud of dense,
fog 10’ (maximum of 100’) up to ninety feet (27.4 m) away. Victims caught in the
cloud will be unable to see anything beyond the fog, and their
impaired vision allows them to see no more than three feet (0.9
m) in the fog (and that means only a blurry shape). While in
the fog, victims will be at -5 to strike, parry and dodge. Any vampires caught in the fog that breathe it in, or touches any exposed part, recieve 4D6 damage. If the character doesn’t take one melee to wipe off excess moisture, it will deal 1D6 additional damage each melee for 1D4 melees.

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Coven of the Wraith

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