Coven of the Reapers

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Generally speaking, Reapers are the most humanlike out of the covens. They tend to be more mindful of their food, and are the only coven that feeds mainly on “Given” blood. They consist of about 30% taken, 70% given. The other covens are roughly 70%-30% the other way, and the Firstborn has no known percentage, as it’s seen as a weakness by them. After the split, those of the Fifthborn coven assimilated themselves as much as possible into humanity. With the advent of the 20th century and the increasing night life, it became easier to be full members of society. They are the only vampires whose beauty is always unbelievable. Characters in this coven have an extra 1D6+5 to their P.B. roll. They also have the ability to truly kill vampires through bite. When a Fifthborn brings another vampire, be it True, Hybrid, or Ghoul to 0 or below, he/she can roll a Reaper’s Bite. If successful in the attack, the vampire dies, regardless of any healing done prior, after, or during the kill. Revives do not work on these victims. The Fifthborn then gains a +1(or +10% up to 98%) to all rolls for 1D6 hours.

Special Powers:

Go for the Kill: Vampire instinctively knows when another creature is near death. When a creature reaches the threshold of death, between 0-5 damage, the vampire senses it, like a spritz of perfume, or a neon light being lit saying “Bite Me.” In a crowd, they can pinpoint the victim. Also, if a vampire has less than 25% health, they cannot successfully prowl around the vampire. Even invisibility doesn’t hide them from this sense.

Reaper’s Bite: The vampire attempts to drain the very life force out of a victim, 5D6 + PS Bonuses, and if victim doesn’t save vs poison/toxin they are incapacitated next turn. If the victim is a vampire and is below 0 before the attack, the victim dies, and must roll saves vs coma/death.

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Coven of the Reapers

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