Coven of the Lost

Bloodlord Silas I → Bloodlord Mika II → Bloodlord Silas II – ‘the Spook’ → Bloodlord Mila 2013 AD

This coven is the definition of reclusive. After the disassembly of their family, they went to the farthest reaches of the farthestk reaches. Not much has been recorded, even by their own members. What has been told to those that ‘Come of Age’ is that their heritage is a proud one, though ancient ancestors were beyond redemption the individual vampire isn’t. The idea for gated communities was inspired by these vampires, as they were the first ones to put a wall around their castle and kingship. When our adventure begins, our group is in the Bloodlord’s own gated community – Hartford Heights. It is a winter-home community in the Andes mountain range in Argentina.

These vampires get a prowl starting at 60% +3%, but it doesn’t get altered by Intelligence bonuses. They can also become invisible, and turn their friends invisible. The Bloodlord is able to shield a 1km radius area from any sort of detection, other than sight, sound, and smell. While inside this bubble, any type of ultra-sensory power is nullified.
Player Characters of this coven have the ability to turn themselves invisible, (see Invisibility: Simple; Superior;) and can, at level 6 turn their friends invisible (see Cone of Invisibility??). Those inside do not have to roll any sort of sneak or deception skill, just the caster. The caster gets the invisibility spell benefits as well as a psionic Mind Block while under the effects of his spells, but those inside the cone do not get that bonus, they must cast such spells separately.

Special Powers:

Veil of the Lost Self Only; 3Min/lvl User turns invisible. Identical to the magical Invisibility spell, except: impervious to psionic or visual detection, except magical ‘See Invisible’. While invisible, Prowl is considered 98%|

Cradle of the Lost AoE 10’; 22Min; The caster has a psionic Mind Block while under these effects as well as being imperceptible to any magical means of detection, but the other targets of the spell do not have that. They must cast such spells separately. Although the invisible person is imperceptible to the eye, he still retains physical mass. Caster has 100% prowl.

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Coven of the Lost

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