Coven of the Firstborn

Bloodlord Vladomir Draculeşti I → /Hidden Lineage/ → Bl Vlad II (Known as Dracul) → Bl Vlad III (Known as the Impaler, or Son of the Dragon – “Dracula”) → /Hidden Lineage/ → Bl Rosa Kaganovich (wife/master of Stalin) → /Hidden Lineage/ → Bl Vlad IX (Current).

This coven is a proud and bloodthirsty bunch. They have held places of power and seats in royalty throughout their existence. Their Bloodlords have been some of the most infamous and bloodthirsty leaders throughout history, or behind them. Other coven’s bloodlords have taken it upon themselves, from time to time, to assassinate them in order to maintain the secret of the Vampire. This all started with Dracula, and it was the first time the covens had contact since the beginning. From that time forward, the covens started to maintain a sort of bloody checks-and-balances system. Whenever one coven seemed to be getting closer to revealing the existence of vampires, the others would disabuse them of the notion. ‘The Firstborn’ have always felt that their place is above all vampires, and that the Bloodlords of the other clans are more like Lords and Ladies of their kingdom. Those of the fifth coven are seen as vermin,(due to the amnesty between Vladomir I and Lucian I) and they will attack each other on site, even in the most peaceful of times. It is very unlikely a Firstborn and a Reaper will join forces.

Members of ‘The Firstborn’ can incite emotion of choice upon any number of targets within 250 feet. Bloodlords can even incite Hyper-Hypnotic trances with the same distance, any number of targets, creating thralls of entire countries, which is why so many of them have been kings and emperors. Particularly powerful ones have been known to be able to transfer the trance-like abilities over Television, Radio, and other recordings.

Special Powers:

Incite Emotion (Vampire Special Based on Fear)

Target: AoE, Cost: Range: 25’/level diameter circle, centered on the caster, up to a size of 250’, Save: Standard vs psionics; Other vampires get a save + 3 vs psionics. Duration: Instant, if target doesn’t save it lasts 1D6 attack + 1 attack at level 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15. Casting and spell info: Can incite any basic emotion, with a limited targeting. Level 1-5 requires a one- to two-word description, said verbally upon casting, such as “Fear!”/ “Fear me!” or “Lust!” or “Hate THEM!” Level 6-9 requires a whisper. 10+ you can be silent. Eyes glow at all levels, voice thunders through everyone within the AoE whenever audible. Concentrate for 1 attacks; No Cost, cannot cast any other spell while concentrating.

At level 6, Player Character Vampires of the Firstborn can control the minds of a crowd.

Blood King’s Edict (Vampire Special)
Target: AoE, Range: 5’ plus 5’ at 8, 10, 12, and 14, centered on the caster. (Firstborn Bloodlords get 25’ base, 25’ increase, can be recorded and played back with same effects, centered on the speaker) Cost: None Save: Standard vs mind control, follow special vampire/victim and vampire/vampire mind control rules where applicable. Duration: lasts 3D6 minutes, +10 minutes at level 9, 12, and 15 Casting/Spell info: Effects on the targets are the same as Obey (lesser). Requires a command or sentence said verbally upon casting. Eyes glow, voice thunders through everyone within the AoE. Concentrate for 1D4 attacks; No Cost, cannot cast any other spell while concentrating.

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Coven of the Firstborn

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