Coven of the Wraith – Hybrid Vampire
Horror Factor: 14

Wraith Hybrid servant of the Great Wraith, Alucard. The party encountered him while trying to find Alucard. He lives with his master in a Peruvian cave, Sima Pumacocha. From what the group can tell, Russell is one of Alucard’s righthand hybrids. Furthermore, Russell was quite offended with McPhee when he commented on Russell’s name, stating, “How dare you insult the name that my Master gave to me!” Alucard prevented Russell from attacking McPhee, thus abating a full out Wraith assault in Alucard’s Grand Study/Library. Russell is viciously loyal to Alucard, but seems quite naive of the abilities of his master. He also seems quite sheltered, knowing little of the world and the current war among the covens. He appears to see himself as an elitist, and distains the brutality and lack of civility he believes protrays the Coven of the Beast.

Alignment Aberrant IQ 22 Save vs Magic +5 Strike +13
HT 5’8" ME 22 Save vs Psionics +4 Parry +14
WT 175lbs MA 24 Save vs Poisons +5 Dodge +14*
HP 150(150) PS 34 Save vs Insanity +5 Roll +7
BPP* 83(83)/83(83) PP 37 Save vs horror +5 Pull +3
Level 7 PE 24 Save vs coma/death +18% Initiative +6
Sex Male PB 40 Save vs Mind Control +3 Damage +23
Age:Year Nov. 6, 1857 SPD 48 Save vs Possession +0 Disarm n/a
Age:Appearance 30 years Charm/Impress 98% Critical 20
HF 14 Trust/Intimidate 80% Perception +8
EXP 92850 K.O/Stun 17+ Entangle +11
HTH Assassin ATTACKS 8
Feeding Habits TAKEN For Level 7
3 days worth of Blood for Niko, Willie, Raven, Buddy and McPhee
Alice’s Credits 2.8M credits
Savings $4M Personal, $8M from Willie
*Note: +3D6 BPP per level; +4 to Dodge with successful Backflip
Attained Current
Revolver 1 7 +6(n/a) APM
Sword 1 7 +3 +3 APM
Spear 1 7 +3 +3 +4* APM
Targeting 1 6 +1 +4 5 (~2 attacks*)
*NOTE: Targeting bonus to WP Spear Thrown; Four Spears can be thrown in a melee round, the act of throwing takes one attack and the act of drawing out a second spear is another attack.
Range Description
Supernatural Strength See pages…
Slow Kill Bite Touch This the 3 day process to create a lesser Vampire, see Nightbane page 184
Nightvision 600’ See 600’ in pure darkness
Super Resilience Impervious to all Magical and Psionic sleeps and paralysis.
Vampire’s Bite Touch 3D6 + PS Bonuses.
Restrained punch 3’ 2D6+3
Punch 3’ 5D6
Power punch 3’ 1D6x10; Counts as Two Attacks
Kick 3’ 2D4
Body Throw 3’ 1D4
Lifting 3,400 pounds
Carrying 1,700 pounds
Throwing: Large Object 170 ft Up to 850 lbs
Throwing: Spear 400 ft 2D6 damage; Critical Strike on a 19 or 20 when Thrown
Throwing: Shuriken 240 ft 1D6 damage
Godlike Beauty LoS When a non-vampire character sees him, they must immediately save vs Charm/Impress. Vampires only get +21% save vs Charm/Impress against him.
Range Duration Description
Sorrowing Mist Self Unlimited Wraith First level spell + 1D6 speed if no wind. Impervious to all physical attacks, including wood, silver, fire and most magic. Still vulnerable to water and elemental magic. Can slide under doors, through cracks and crevices, keyholes, etc. Combat: Can suffocate any breathing being. Deals 2D6 per melee, must roll a strike each melee. +10% to prowl ability (although silent, the mist is very large and obvious). Cannot use psionics in mist form, but can cast The Red Mist
Sense Mortal Infirmity 120’, 30m area 26Min (2/lvl) Alerts the character to the presence of naturally and magically diseased mortals in the area, the worse the ailment, the stronger the sense. The psychic can also sense infirm supernaturals but with much less accuracy – it is more of a feeling of “Something sick this way is.”
Death Trance Self 4 days state of suspended animation, simulating death. he is incapable of attacking or defending himself in any way until the trance is broken. (6th sense only indicator)
Presence Sense 120’, 30m area 26Min (2/lvl) Alerts the character to the presence of supernatural and magic creatures in the area. The psychic can also sense human presences, but with much less accuracy – it is more of a feeling of “We are not alone.”
Alter Aura Self 13Hours (1/lvl) General level of experience can be made to seem much lower
(level 1 or 2) or much higher (2D4 levels higher) than it really is. Conceal the presence of psychic powers. Conceal level of base P.P.E. (made to seem much lower). Conceal the presence of magic.
Sense Evil 140’ 42.7m area 26Min (2/lvl) Sense general number of supernatural evil Presences, Intensity (alignment) can track the source of supernatural evil, like a bloodhound. Human evil is vague
Empathy 100’ area 26Min (2/lvl) Makes the psychic aware of, or feel, the emotions of other people, animals and supernatural creatures.
Deaden Pain 3’ 13Hours (1/lvl) The ability to deaden pain can be used as a painkiller which temporarily negates existing pain or as an anesthetic to be used for surgery.
Mind Block Self 13Min (1/lvl) Prevent penetration of telepathy, empathy, hypnotic suggestion, and empathic transfer. Adds a bonus of +1 to save vs all psychic and mental attacks. Cannot use psionics while it is active.
Induce Sleep 6’ 13Hours (1/lvl) The person will fall into a normal, restful sleep from which he can be easily roused. Unwilling victims of the induce sleep psi-power get a +5 bonus to save
Hypnotic Suggestion 12’ (eye contact) < A few hours The power of suggestion can not make a person think he’s a chicken, nor does it make a person the psychic’s charmed, zombie slave that obeys his every command. It simply soothes or implants a notion into someone’s thoughts. Sometimes that little bit can be an important edge
Super-Hypnotic Suggestion LoS 5min This mind control power enables the vampire to place any living creature in a light trance and enforce his will over the victim’s. The vampire’s commands will be obeyed except where they would go completely against the victim’s alignment. By cunningly using this power, the vampire can phrase a command in a way that the victim will have no compunction to refuse. Caster’s death or caster’s release terminates spell.
Cost Duration Range Saving Throw
Cost Duration Range Attacks Save
Attained Current
Attained Current
*Notes: Prowl is -10% when P.B. is being applied, but +10% when in Mist Form

The following Inventory is UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Location Weight
Total Weight **
Damage Ammo Range
AR SDC Penalty
Magic Chest Plate and Greaves 19 400/100*


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