Welcome to the World of the Five Covens.

Vampires have the world in a death grip, though the average human is completely oblivious. For thousands of years the parasitic Vampires lived mainly peacefully with their food, but that is all changing. We are in the beginning of the war between two of The Covens for supreme dominance, and the actions of a group of vampire heroes could save or destroy the food chain as it is and thereby change the face of the world.

The Group of vampires are as close as any vampires could be, without being blood-relations. They were at a wedding, when the Bloodlord Silas, of the Coven of the Lost, was kidnapped. They were in a race against time trying to rescue him and his daughter, Mila, for weeks. He was in a fortress, guarded by a group of paramilitary vampire fanatics, and the group is only six vampires.

Four of the Six survived their assault on The Edinburgh Castle, and they found that wasn’t the end of their problems. After meeting the Bloodlord of the Coven of the Firstborn, Vladomir IX, they found that Silas was dead! Mila took the reins, and they had one major problem: Who was the mole? I mean they’re the Effing Coven of the Lost. They should never have been found, am I right?

They were joined by a Firstborn, making their number five, and they returned to Hartford Heights, the location of the Lost’s Stronghold. There they confronted the Captain of the Guard, who tried to frame our young heroes, but his plan backfired. The traitor’s supporters were rooted out and caught, and a dim-witted vampire hunter fell upon them, only to be turned into a ghoulish minion of their newest, making the number six yet again.

Reggie and Penny, twin cousins to the Bloodlord Mila stayed behind to help the Coven’s transition, and the rest of the group made their way to Paris, France where their nemesis, Anjelika, is thought to have retreated. They entered the catacombs with a feeling of Deja’Vu…

They made it through the Catacombs and finally had their confrontation with Anjelika herself! Leader of the Coven of the Dragon! Two of them became drooling slaves, and two just barely escaped her clutches! They barely survived the encounter, though no one had a scratch.

The five were invited to a ball thrown by the Bloodlord Vladomir IX’s Uncle, Lord Pilaf, in celebration of their victory, though the invitation came less than one hour after the death of Anjelika. At the Ball, Pilaf and Vlad spoke intimately with the group, and the Bloodlord voiced his intentions to rule the world, Vampire and Human alike would kneel to him.

The Five saw that Bloodlord Mila was under a charm, so they rescued her from Bloodlord Vlad’s clutches. Raven was captured, but was released by Vlad, if he promised to be a “Loyal Subject.” Raven ditched all of the “gifts” he received from Vlad, and they met at Mama’s palace in Palermo. Safely within the walls of a Coven of the Beast stronghold, they left Mila in Mama’s hands, and can now look at the roads ahead.

They are now faced with a problem. Side with Vlad, a megalomaniacal Gengis Kahn, or with the unknown Bloodlord Luke, whom Mama despises as self-righteous. She told them that the War was started by the Coven of the Reapers, and Luke. They were visited by Sir Thad, who reminded them of a shared vision on the night of the kidnapping. They decided to chase after this lead: A Vampire Fountain of Youth.

Running from the Firstborn, they went to Shangri-La, where they discovered that the rumors of a ‘cure’ and the fountain were the same thing. This put their worries at ease, allowing them to go after this powerful weapon that could spell the destruction or the salvation of vampire kind.

They flew to Mama’s on their way to South America, and were given a kingly gift from Bloodlord “Lil’Tony” – A Stealth Plane, complete with a military-trained, demolitions-happy pilot. They took their wonderful jet to Lima, where Buddy stumbled upon an underground Arena and gambling pit run by the Coven of the Beast. Buddy fought and won, and Willie was roped into a prize fight with Niko. They fought against a Vampire Hunter and Templar team, and barely escaped with their lives.

After the fight, they gathered their winnings, and relaxed in their rooms. Bloodlord “Lil’Tony” showed up, and helped Willie through his schizophrenic hallucinations. The rest of the group deterred a dozen assassins sent for the Bloodlord, with help from Sir Thad, who showed up with Bloodlord Mila. With the newcomers’ help, they got the Beast’s head to safety, and were almost all destroyed in the process. They recovered due to some crack triage by Niko, and set their sights on the group of assassins – lead by the one and only Remmy.

Remmy was killed by the vampires, not before he kidnapped Penelope, Niko’s one true love. They found the room number from Alice, and returned to the hotel. They were welcomed out of the elevator by the militant vampire hunters of the Brotherhood of Light, and their horrific anti-vampire rifles. They discovered that Vlad had taken control of this squad of the Brotherhood, and was allied with Remmy to take down the Group. With no hope of a fair compromise, they petrified Authed and fled with Penelope in tow.

They ran to Alice’s safe haven. There, she destroyed Penelope’s listless corpse, yelling about smuggling bombs into her realm. They ordered magical equipment to prepare themselves – they have become painfully aware of their mortality. After spending a week or two recouperating on Alice’s Island, they returned to the hotel a day after they escaped it.

They left Lima finally, and hiked, then spelunked their way into Alucard’s Lair. The long-hidden Wraith lord greeted them with lackeys, and the short-fused ghoul responded by attacking him. The group lamented Buddy’s death, but were relieved to know that part of him may live on in something called “Rune Armor.” Raven appropriated it for himself, and they learned of the current state of the war, and they learned the true nature of the Queen Mother of all Vampires, and of Xy’s throne in a pool of blood of the High King Klaus, Demigod Vampire, late husband of the Queen Mother.

Alice called them back to her island, for a reunion with Mila, and to meet a vampire assassin she hired from her coven to kill Vlad. Their happy reunion was short lived, as unknown assailants laid siege to it. On their way out the back, they were captured by a Demigod posing as Oogie Boogie in a festive homage. A goddess by the name of Axe rescued them, and laid in front of them the crisis of a millennium. A fanatical cult plans to unleash the Nightlords upon the planet, and it is up to the gods and their emissaries to stop them.

Let go back in Lima, the group decides to learn more about these gods that seemingly came out of nowhere. Willie’s Rio contacts included two priests of these pantheons, a woman of Olokun, and a man of Axe. They spoke with the priestess, but found that the priest had been kidnapped. A clairvoyant called them and warned them of going to Russia too soon or too late, to keep the Cult of Twilight from winning. So, they tracked the kidnapped priest to a corner of Nigeria, and made their way there on the Beast’s plane.

Members of the Nigerian national army made contact, and the Group got reinforcements for an assault on the compound! Unfortunately the shoot-from-the-hip style of the group almost killed them, but with some quick thinking by McPhee who stepped up as the tactical leader of the Nigerian Army they managed to pull through! Willie and Niko led a surgical strike into the underground holding area, and ran into Thad, who scouted ahead of them, and found that the Cult of Twilight was conducting a ritual to destroy the facility and part of the country. Willie ran to save the rest of the group, while Niko ran to save them all from the magical destruction.

Everyone but Niko made it safely back to the Hanger in Lagos, Nigeria, but they never saw an explosion! Their hope for Niko’s return stays strong after a day of waiting indoors. They spoke with alice, who couldn’t locate Niko, but she agreed to take them to her island to prepare for everything that was to come.

Meet The Group:


Five hundred years ago, Harbaz became bored. Bored with life, bored with being a vampire, but most of all he was just plain bored. He’d lived the debauchery that is all too common to his kind and his parent despaired to ever get him to settle down properly as anyone of the Lost really should do.
After a romp with the Bard, he found his calling – As an assassin. He has killed his way across time, trading death for favors instead of money. Bloodlord Mila hired him to travel with the group and kill Vlad.


McPhee is both Mysterious and Simple. Much of how he interacts with the group shows he’s straight forward, to the point, and succinct – to anyone that doesn’t look to closely. His self description shows as much::
Self-made Vampire; Demolitions, Espionage, Victory.
A Vampire Soldier of Fortune
There seems to be a glimmer in his eyes, though, that whispers of an iceberg’s depth.

MIA! Last seen in the basement of the Lagos Compound!

Kurushime Nikotaru was born in Misawa, Japan to the famed ninja assassin, Fuma Kotaro and one of his many mistresses, Kurushime Miyuki. Kotaro did not stick around to see his seed raised to adulthood. Miyuki was disowned by her family, so she had to raise her son among the rank and file of the humans. This close proximity bread a surprising empathy between Niko and Humanity.

The Raven:

Born in 1743, Jean Claude Le Beaux in Del Morte France, the city of death. It only was ironic that this rich boy would die some years later at the hands of a vampire named Angelika Prescott, a master vampire from all over Europe. Her age was unknown to him but when he came back to the land of the living the woman that seduced him for six months was gone. In the last 50 years, he has travelled the world with the intent of interviewing vampires. Prying history from these beings is like pulling fangs but Raven is up for the challenge. He just learned that his creator was of the Coven of the Firstborn.


Willie is obsessed with the 1970’s blaxploitation genre, dressing, talking, and acting like the characters in the movies and songs of that period. It makes sense to him, and his identification with the period is extreme. Willie was born in North Las Vegas, the bastard son of Lil’ Tony, and a vampire prostitute. So, he was literally born to the mob, and the prostitution ring. He has used his upbringing in this “Empire of Sin” to learn all the ins and outs of the business, good and bad. He has spent the last few decades running the Flesh for Hire business in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Bad Blood :: War of the Covens

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