True Vampire

True Vampires

Alignment: Any except Principled or Scrupulous; radiate supernatural evil.

Attributes: I.Q. 14+2D6, M.E. 10+3D6, M.A. 12+3D6, P.S.
18+3D6, P.P. 10+3D6, P.E. 18+1D6, P.B. 16+2D6, Spd.

Size and Weight: Varies, always human.

S.D.C./Hit Points: Vampires are bizarre supernatural creatures
that are nearly impervious to all weapons. Fortunately, they
are vulnerable to a handful of S.D.C. items, psionics and magic.
Blood Power Points (B.P.P.): 3D6x10 + 3D6 per level. The total of this is your total BPP, including your Reserve. Divide the number in half, and that is your BPP and your Reserve BPP. The remainder goes on your BPP (if it is not an even number.) For more information on BPP, see Vampire Special Powers.

Coven: Master, or True Vampires come from one of the five covens. Player characters are allowed to pick which coven they come from, and this acts as their OCC. For more information, look at World of the Five Covens, and Vampire Special Abilities.

Hit Point Equivalent: 3D6xlO.

Blood Power Points (B.P.P.): 3D6x10 + 3D6 per level

Horror Factor: 14,

Natural Abilities: Vampires possess a number of strange supernatural
powers, including the ability to create hybrid vampires,
nightvision, metamorphosis, regeneration, and
invulnerability. See the Vampire Power Section descriptions
that follow.

Experience table: Hound Master

Combat: Five hand to hand attacks per melee, plus Coven OCC Bonuses.

Damage: Vampires are considered to have supernatural
strength. See the Supernatural Strength Damage Table to determine
the damage it inflicts in hand to hand combat. The
vampire’s killing bite is 3D6 plus P.S. bonus. This damage
affects other vampires; this means one vampire can feed on another,
although their regenerative powers make killing difficult.

Bonuses: In addition to attribute bonuses, +5 to save vs horror
factor, +3 on initiative, +4 on perception rolls, +3 save
to all forms of mind control, and impervious to all kinds of psionic and magic sleeps
and paralysis, + 50% save vs Charm/Impress

Vampiric Special Powers: Includes mind control over vampires, and a handful of other Psionic-like powers. See the Vampiric power descriptions. Vampires, whether using Magic, Psionics, or their special powers, are considered masters. Requires a save roll of at least 10 to beat it, and an aditional +2 per 500 mL of blood the vampire has taken from the target, no matter how long ago.

Magic/Psionic Powers: None until level 3. from level 2-3, and each individual level thereafter, the player and GM keep track of “Given” versus “Taken” blood feedings. If it is more than 75% of the time one way or the other, you may roll fully into the corresponding power. If it is 74% to 50% different. follow the “Balanced” rules below.

Magic Powers: Starting at level three, if the vampire has over 75% “Taken” blood feedings, he can choose any three magic spells from the Vampiric Magic section, level one, or a GM approved magical power of the same level. Every level afterward, you may choose another three powers, as long as you maintain 75% Taken blood feedings.

Psionic Powers: Starting at level three, if the vampire has over 75% “Given” blood feedings, he can choose any three psionic abilities, level one. Every level afterward, you may choose another three powers, as long as you maintain 75% Given blood feedings.

Balanced Powers: Starting at level three, if the vampire has 74% to 50% of “Taken” vs “Given”, you follow these rules. Pick one Magic power, and one Psionic Power, both level one. Every level afterward, you choose another power from each section, as long as you maintain a “balanced” feeding habit.

Average Life Span: Never ages. The undead are effectively immune to the ravages of time.

Appearance: Their physical appearance changes from birth to their 50th year; their appearance goes from new-born to apparent age 20. At that point they are frozen for all eternity, given that they maintain proper feeding habits. Starting at one month, for each month they feed on dead blood they age one year in appearances. Vampires start to take on horrific qualities at extreme ages. Pointed ears, leathery skin, clear teeth, shrunken nose with slitted nostrils, claws, shriveled body. They never return to their youthful looks once the changes have taken place.

Vulnerabilities/Penalties: See the vampire powers section.

R.C.C. Skills: Vampires have eternity to hone their skills, though they rarely do. Player Characters choose a Coven O.C.C. from the Coven O.C.C. list, and use the skills and skill bonuses from it. Base stat bonuses still apply. Follow skill progression as normal. Keep in mind that most vampires disdain weapons of any sort. Play the role, don’t roll the play.

Alliances and Allies: Tend to associate with their own kind, but may work with Nightbane, ghouls, other supernatural forces, and even humans if it serves their purpose.

Weapons and Equipment: Most vampires disdain the use of weapons and technology. Some of their enslaved servants will use cars, guns and other modem conveniences, but their
master will primarily rely on his natural powers.

True Vampire

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