The Thirdborn - Coven of the Beast


Coven of the Beast

Bloodlord Tanus Voivode → /Hidden Lineage/ → Bl Tanus XV (Goes by Lil’ Tony)

These calculating and ruthless vampires are in it for the long haul. They carved their name out of Russia and Europe, though most only know them as the ‘Mafia.’ They use mind controlled humans in order to keep a face on the day-to-day shake downs, and the Bloodlord can walk in pure daylight, though his shadow doesn’t appear. While transformed into the Bat and Bestial Bat, older/more powerful of the Thirdborn can stand minor light. Follows Hybrid sunlight damage rules, and can only see 50’ in daylight. These vampires are naturally beefier, so they get an additional 1D6 on P.S.

Lil’ Tony is the owner of most of Las Vegas. He moved his coven headquarters there shortly after the Casino Boom started, though he left most of his troops, visible and invisible, in Chicago, New York, and across the sea in Europe and Russia. He sees LV as his little playground, or his getaway vacation spot. He built the Bellagio Hotel, and lives in the pent-house to this day.

The Thirdborn - Coven of the Beast

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