Special Vampire Powers

Vampire Special Powers

A Lust for Blood

A vampire should feed on at least two pints (about one liter) of live blood once every 48 hours, if not every night. If the vampire is forced (by choice or circumstances) to fast, he starts to suffer the consequences. With each passing night of abstinence, the hunger becomes more powerful. If he chooses to feed on dead blood (Blood that has been removed from a human and has cooled to below 80*F that has to be put back into a human to revive) he must drink four times the ammount of live blood required; at least one gallon (four liters) of dead blood every 48 hours. The same goes for live animal blood. Dead animal blood is worthless, it has absolutely no effect on the thirst. Animal blood feeding habits count as “Given” blood.

By the third night, the creature awakens with stomach pains and a craving to feed akin to the desires of a junkie needing a drug fix. The creature can still resist.

On the fourth night, the vampire looks worse than usual; more pale, with a waxy yellow hue to his skin, dark circles surround the eyes, the face and hands are covered in perspiration, and the undead is weak, suffering the following penalties: -2 on initiative, -10% on all skills. Worse, every time he smells human blood within 500 ft (152 m), the vampire must save vs feeding frenzy (treat it as a save vs mind control) with none of his usual bonuses. If the roll fails, the vampire succumbs to his blood lust and runs off to feed. A vampire of good or anarchist alignment will avoid attacking friends or innocents, or if he feeds on them, will try to stop short of completely draining the victim. A second roll (as above) is necessary to stop after two pints of blood have been consumed. If it fails, further rolls are possible after an additional pint has been consumed.

For every day of abstinence after four, the vampire suffers a -1 penalty to save versus feeding frenzy. At this rate, it is only a matter of time before the creature must feed.

Prolonged starvation will lead to insanity. Vampires cannot die from starvation, but forced abstinence will drive the creature insane. After three weeks, the vampire descends into a fully animal state, unable to recognize friends or enemies, think, or perform the simplest tasks. His body becomes more corpse-like with every passing night. Incapable of speech, the vampire can only howl and scream. The moment a victim comes nearby, the vampire will attack on sight, draining and killing the person without a second thought. A few minutes after feeding, the vampire returns to normal, and his body resumes its normal appearance. If the vampire is kept from feeding for over six months, the vampire will be permanently insane: a master vampire will become a secondary vampire, a secondary will transform into a wild vampire, and wild vampires become even more savage and deranged than usual. The creature becomes driven by instinct even after feeding, and will be unable to function as a normal human under most circumstances. Note: Once driven insane by starvation, the vampire is permanently mad and cannot be restored to his former self or social ranking.

FOR DEAD BLOOD: If a vampire feeds solely on Dead blood for a month (more than 45% of blood taken) it gets weaker. Besides being less potent, it doesn’t return life to the undead creature. After one month it gets -1 to PS, PE, and save vs Mind Control. -1 every month after. 1D4 days per month sustained on dead blood to recover, as long as normal feeding is maintained on purely live blood. Any dead blood taken before fully recovered resets the recovery process.

The Vampire’s Bite
Vampires can choose to create new vampires through their undead bite. This never happens accidentally. People drained of blood and slain do not become vampires. To pass on the curse of
Undeath, vampires must deliberately infect their victims through the Slow Kill.

Note: Nightbane and Guardians are immune to vampiric transformation and the effects of the slow kill, as are most supernatural creatures (including Dopplegangers, all the servants of the Nightlords, and the Nightlords themselves). However, vampires can feed on the blood of Nightbane, Guardians, Hybrid vampires and Dopplegangers. These types of feedings count as dead blood. The theory is that a creature’s life force alters its blood, and when a Vampire feeds, it isn’t simply the blood of the beast, but the life force. As Vampires were created from humans, they require human life force to remain animated. Any other blood completes only a miniscule part of the true need for blood. The Hounds, Hunters and Hollow Men are animated shells with no blood, and the Ashmedai are demonic entities with no links to true living things. Nobody knows if a vampire can feed off a Nightlord or one of his Avatars — mostly because no known vampire has been successful in such attempts.

Slow Kill:
Creating the Undead
The slow Kill is the ability to turn others into the undead. Vampires can turn their victims into vampires by performing a slow kill. To do this, the creature must slowly drain his chosen
victim a little bit at a time for three consecutive nights. On the third night, the victim is slain by having all his blood drained. Three days later, the victim rises from the grave to join his demonic creator.

If a true vampire creates a new undead, roll percentiles; 01-50% at the lowest familial level of true vampire means the victim is the type of vampire desired. You must declare what type of vampire you want to create before the roll. (+10% per familial level, up to 98% as a BloodLord.) The remaining % results in a wild vampire. True Vampires do not accidentally kill those they choose to turn. If a hybrid vampire is the creator, roll percentiles: 01-02% means a hybrid, a half-vampire creature (see Hybrid Vampire R.C.C.); 03-44% means a Ghoul (see Ghoul R.C.C) has joined the legions of the undead, and 45-00% means the victim didn’t survive. Hybrids and Ghouls can’t declare what the desired effect is. Ghouls can only create other wild and deranged undead. Moreover, they usually are too crazed, savage and impatient to bother with the slow kill.

The Passive Victim
The older/more powerful a vampire is, the harder it is to defy him. Penalties range from -10 (for a Bloodlord trying to command ghouls) to -1 (a Bloodlord trying to command another).

and Vampire Slaves
The victim of a vampire becomes passive and subservient, unable to resist the creature during the three days and nights preceding his murder. Any victim not killed immediately counts as a slow-kill victim. For every quart taken, victims get a -4 to resist. after the 4th quart, the victim cannot resist. The victim will be distracted and weak (half skills and attacks per melee, even from the first quart), and will wait for his future master to appear the next two nights to finish the job. The vampire can call the victim from a range of 100 feet (30.5 m), and give mental commands like “come to me,” “open the door” and “remove the crucifix,” but a save vs MC must be made every time. Also, the vampire will be able to sense the location of his victim up to 400 miles (640 km) away! Vampires can also create human slaves through a series of non-lethal bites, a process similar to the slow kill. This slave is beholden to the vampire and will obey and never betray his master. A hybrid vampire can only create one such servant; true vampires are limited to two such slaves.

Mind Control:

Vampire over Vampire
Vampires are an extended family linked by the ancient coven’s creators. Through this family
link, vampires can sense others of their kind, and automatically know if a given vampire belongs to the same coven. They can also sense whether their brother vampire is true, hybrid, or ghoul. This self same link also allows vampires to try to exert control over others. A vampire will sometimes only acknowledge a leader after it has asserted dominance over him through mind control. This mind control power is automatic and costs no I.S.P. When mind control is attempted, the attacking vampire’s eyes glow bright and his voice sounds like thunder. Each attempt takes 1D4 minutes. The target of the mind control must roll to save versus psionic attack or fall prey to the power of the superior vampire. This control, once achieved, is total, lasting 2D6 hours. The older/more powerful a vampire is, the harder it is to defy him, and the Undead community has a hierarchy of masters and servants; In the vampire family, you have -1 to save per familial tier the attacker is above you. enalties range from -10 (for a true vampire trying to command ghouls) to -1 (an older true vampire trying to
command another).

Special Powers of the Vampire
Blood Power Points are required to use these special abilities, convert their I.S.P cost directly into B.P.P. Note: If a vampire chooses to take these as Psionic abilities, THEY DO NOT increase in potency. They must be listed in a section titled Vampire Special on the character sheet. If the player wants to pick them as Psionics, he must move the power to the Psionics area. For example; a vampire is at level 8, and wants to use Deaden Pain at a 5th level psionic proficiency; he then moves it to the Psionic Powers section, and uses it as a normal picked power from then on.

Powers: All are equal to a fourth level psionic.

Death Trance; Presence Sense; Alter Aura (Self); Sense Evil; Empathy; Deaden Pain; Mind Block; Induce Sleep; Hypnotic Suggestion; Super-Hypnotic Suggestion (NEW, exclusive to vampires).

Super-Hypnotic Suggestion (special)

Range: Line of sight; must look victim directly in the eyes (the vampire’s eyes glow red or yellow when this power is used).
Duration: Five minutes per level of experience (20 minutes for the average vampire), or until the vampire is killed or willingly releases the victim.
Saving Throw: Standard
This mind control power enables the vampire to place any living creature in a light trance and enforce his will over the victim’s. The vampire’s commands will be obeyed except where they would go completely against the victim’s alignment. By cunningly using this power, the vampire can phrase a command in a way that the victim will have no compunction to refuse.

Telepathic Link with Minions (special)
This automatic power links a master vampire to its creations, enabling the creature to sense the presence of the minions at a range of 10 miles (16 km), or feel when one of its creations is
hurt or killed, or to summon all of the minions within a 100 mile (160 km) area. In turn, the minions can tell whether the summons is a general call to gather or whether they should come
with haste because the master is in danger. The minions will also sense when the master has been slain.

Limited Invulnerability
and Super Regeneration

Vampires are immune to most normal weapons; metal blades, bullets, fire, electricity, lasers or explosives will do absolutely no damage. A large explosion may knock a vampire down, and repeated sword strokes may shred the creature’s clothing, but the undead’s flesh will remain whole and untouched. Wooden weapons (clubs, stakes, fire-hardened spears without metal or stone heads) WILL harm a vampire, inflicting damage directly to hit points. So will silver bullets or silver-plated weapons. Magic spells and charmed weapons will also inflict damage, but spell magic does only half damage. Note: The attacks of supernatural beings like Nightbane and Guardians will do direct and full damage to the vampire’s hit points. All these attacks, however, will not truly kill the vampire. The creature regenerates damage at the rate of 2D6 points per melee round. Furthermore, vampires can fight and function until reduced to 20 points below zero! At -21 points, the creature drops to the ground and appears to be dead, but instead, it is in a powerful healing trance. Unless specific measures are taken, the vampire will be completely healed in a matter of minutes.

A stake through the heart will appear to destroy the vampire. The vampire will collapse to the ground and the body may shrivel to look like an ancient corpse or skeleton. In reality, however, the vampire is in a state of suspended animation, and removing the stake will result in the vampire coming back to life in a matter of seconds

Blood Power Points (B.P.P):
3D6x10 (3d6x5 for hybrids) Blood Power doesn’t increase with level. The number you roll for B.P.P is called “Peripheral.” You get an equal amount of B.P.P. on top of those that are called “Reserve.” You may use the full amount of Peripheral B.P.P. without penalty, and it will all regenerate without fail the next time you feed, no matter how much blood is taken. But the percentage you use up of your Reserve B.P.P is the percentage amount you have to drink extra within the next 48 hours in order to recover any Blood Power Points. If you are in a starvation period, or are unable to feed fully within 48, and any amount of Reserve B.P.P. has been used up, regeneration of Peripheral B.P.P. is 1D6 per 12 hours, and you cannot regenerate any Reserve B.P.P. until the required extra feeding has been accomplished. If you go below 25% of your Reserve B.P.P., you lose all of your regeneration, (HP, SDC, ISP, PPE, BPP) and if brought below 0 HP, you enter a death-like state, equal to the effects of Death Trance, and cannot regenerate until the Blood Rite has been performed over your corpse.

Blood Rite: must be immersed fully in a receptacle Live Blood; cannot be moved for 48 hours. This means that the container must remain at or above 80*F the entire time a single droplet of blood is visible. Amount of blood in the receptacle will slowly decrease at a rate of 10% every 5 hours. For the last 5 hours there will be no blood visible, and the vampire will look fully refreshed, but cannot be moved until the time is complete. Temperature may be decreased at that point. At the end of the 48 hours, every ailment or injury will be healed (unless the vampire was slain by a Reaper’s Bite – see Fifthborn, Coven of the Reaper for more details.) and every meter is returned to full (HP, SDC, ISP, PPE, BPP) Regardless of how much extra blood was in the container, the vampire is returned to his current base abilities and points.


Incite Emotion (Vampire Special Based on Fear)

Target: AoE, Cost: Range: 25’/level diameter circle, centered on the caster, up to a size of 250’, Save: Standard vs psionics; Other vampires get a save 3 vs psionics. Duration: Instant, if target doesn’t save it lasts 1D6 attack +1 attack at level 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15. Casting and spell info: Can incite any basic emotion, with a limited targeting. Level 1-5 requires a one- to two-word description, said verbally upon casting, such as “Fear!”/ “Fear me!” or “Lust!” or “Hate THEM!” Level 6-9 requires a whisper. 10 you can be silent. Eyes glow at all levels, voice thunders through everyone within the AoE whenever audible. Concentrate for 1 attacks; No Cost, cannot cast any other spell while concentrating.

At level 6, Player Character Vampires of the Firstborn can control the minds of a crowd.

Blood King’s Edict (Vampire Special)
Target: AoE, Range: 5’ plus 5’ at 8, 10, 12, and 14, centered on the caster. (Firstborn Bloodlords get 25’ base, 25’ increase, can be recorded and played back with same effects, centered on the speaker) Cost: None Save: Standard vs mind control, follow special vampire/victim and vampire/vampire mind control rules where applicable. Duration: lasts 3D6 minutes, +10 minutes at level 9, 12, and 15 Casting/Spell info: Effects on the targets are the same as Obey (lesser). Requires a command or sentence said verbally upon casting. Eyes glow, voice thunders through everyone within the AoE. Concentrate for 1D4 attacks; No Cost, cannot cast any other spell while concentrating.


Mist Abilities

Cost: None; Duration: Any
Speed: +1d6, if there is no wind.
Other Natural Abilities: Impervious to all physical attacks, including
wood, silver, fire and most magic. Still vulnerable to
water and elemental magic. Can slide under doors, through
cracks and crevices, keyholes, etc.
Combat: Can suffocate any breathing being. Deals 2D6 per melee, must roll a strike each melee. +10% to prowl ability (although silent, the mist is very large and obvious).
Note: Cannot use psionics in mist form, but can cast Summon Mist: Greater

Summon Mist: Greater

Range: 90 foot distance, affects a 10 foot diameter, +10 on 7-15.
Duration: One Melee Round
Saving Throw: Dodge, counts as a melee, only roll if has a SPD rating of 30 or greater.
Cost: None
This magic enables the sorcerer to create a cloud of dense,
fog 10’ (maximum of 100’) up to ninety feet (27.4 m) away. Victims caught in the
cloud will be unable to see anything beyond the fog, and their
impaired vision allows them to see no more than three feet (0.9
m) in the fog (and that means only a blurry shape). While in
the fog, victims will be at -5 to strike, parry and dodge. Any vampires caught in the fog that breathe it in, or touches any exposed part, recieve 4D6 damage. If the character doesn’t take one melee to wipe off excess moisture, it will deal 1D6 additional damage each melee for 1D4 melees.


Vampire Bat Abilities

Fly: Speed of 50 (35 mph/56 km)
Other Natural Abilities:
Sonar/echolocation: Enables the vampire to fly in total darkness
at full speed and see the invisible.
Ultrasonic Hearing: Hears high and low frequencies; very
acute. Can hear a moth’s wings beating but cannot understand
the spoken word (too slow).
Thermo-imaging Sight: Close range, 10 ft/3.0 m; for sensing
and seeing the heat emanations of warm blood coursing
through the veins. But cannot see infrared light.
Sun-walking: 2D6 points of damage for every minute (4 melees)
of exposure, none if in shadow.
Combat: +2 to strike, +3 to dodge, +8 to dodge in flight, +5%
on prowl ability.
Attacks per melee: Half normal, bite inflicts 2D6 S.D.C. damage,
claws 1D6 plus P.S. damage bonus. Can inflict vampire
slow kill bite and drink blood while in bat form.

Transformation: Beastial HulkBat

Fly: Speed of 50 (35 mph/56 km)
Other Natural Abilities:
Sonar/echolocation: Enables the vampire to fly in total darkness
at full speed and see the invisible.
Ultrasonic Hearing: Hears high and low frequencies; very
Thermo-imaging Sight: Close range, 10 ft/3.0 m; for sensing
and seeing the heat emanations of warm blood coursing
through the veins. But cannot see infrared light.
Sun-walking: 2D6 points of damage for every minute (4 melees)
of exposure, none if in shadow.
Combat: Gains 2D6 Strength, if in complete darkness, 1D6 if in sunliht. +4 to strike in darkness, + 3 to dodge in darkness, +8 to dodge in flight, + 5% on prowl ability. Attacks, (Half per melee if in flight) bite inflicts 2D6 S.D.C. damage, claws 1D6 plus P.S. damage bonus. Can inflict vampire slow kill bite and drink blood while in HulkBat form.


Veil of the Lost Self Only; 3Min/lvl User turns invisible. Identical to the magical Invisibility spell, except: impervious to psionic or visual detection, except magical ‘See Invisible’. While invisible, Prowl is considered 98%|

Cradle of the Lost AoE 10’; 22Min; The caster has a psionic Mind Block while under these effects as well as being imperceptible to any magical means of detection, but the other targets of the spell do not have that. They must cast such spells separately. Although the invisible person is imperceptible to the eye, he still retains physical mass. Caster has 100% prowl.


Go for the Kill: Vampire instinctively knows when another creature is near death. When a creature reaches the threshold of death, between 0-5 damage, the vampire senses it, like a spritz of perfume, or a neon light being lit saying “Bite Me.” In a crowd, they can pinpoint the victim. Also, if a vampire has less than 25% health, they cannot successfully prowl around the vampire. Even invisibility doesn’t hide them from this sense.

Reaper’s Bite: The vampire attempts to drain the very life force out of a victim, 5D6 + PS Bonuses, and if victim doesn’t save vs poison/toxin they are incapacitated next turn. If the victim is a vampire and is below 0 before the attack, the victim dies, and must roll saves vs coma/death.

Special Vampire Powers

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