Resgate Sangrento

Resgate Sangrento

Stefonia Salvatore
Alucard Belmont
Edwarda Culli
Angelus Hartt

Group of Five fabled vampires.

They are the subject of a dream that is mysteriously shared between the six adventurers.

They journeyed across the world, and finally found the fabled Ancient Draculesti Kingship, where Queen Mikarest refused to direct them to Something…

She locks them in her Throneroom with her personal guard(all dressed in black leather with darkened glass faceguards). She stalls them long enough to escape, and opens the large windows on either side of the hall, letting in sunlight.

The group has personally met Alucard, and have spoken at length about their vision, and what it meant to them, and what it means for all Vampire kind.

Resgate Sangrento

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