Tony Slims

Hybrid Vampire Hunter


Tony ‘Silence’ Slims

Coven of the Wraith – Hybrid
Horror Factor: 14

Hybrid Vampire Hunter

Alignment Aberrant IQ 20 Save vs Magic +10 Strike +5
HT 5’10" ME 19 Save vs Psionics +3 Parry +3
WT 195lbs MA 17 Save vs Poisons +10 Dodge +3
HP 71 PS 33 Save vs Insanity +3 Roll +2
SDC 66 PP 21 Save vs horror +6 Pull +
ISP 89 PE 33 Save vs coma/death +36% Initiative +1
Sex Male PB 9 Save vs Mind Control +88 Damage +18
Birthday 10-29-1950 SPD 26 Save vs Possession +88 Disarm
HF 11 Charm/Impress 00% Critical 19-20
Level 3 Trust/Intimidate 42% Perception +3
EXP 7040
Feeding Habits NONE ATTACKS 4
Range Description
Nightvision See 600’ in pure darkness
Super Resilience Impervious to all Magical and Psionic sleeps and paralysis.
Vampire’s Bite Touch 3D6 + PS Bonuses.
Restrained punch 3’ 2D6 SDC
Punch 3’ 5D6
Power punch 3’ 1D6x1O Counts as two melee attacks.
Range Duration Description
Vampire Bat Self Any Beast First level spell Fly speed of 50, Sonar/echolocation: vampire to fly in total darkness at full speed and see the invisible. Ultrasonic Hearing: low frequencies; Thermo-imaging Sight: 10ft; Sun-walking: 2D6 points of damage for every minute (4 melees)
of exposure, none if in shadow. Combat: +2 to strike, +3 to dodge, +8 to dodge in flight, +5% on prowl ability. Bite inflicts 2D6 S.D.C. damage, claws 1D6 plus P.S. damage bonus. Can inflict vampire slow kill bite and drink blood while in bat form.
Death Trance Self 4 days State of suspended animation, simulating death. he is incapable of attacking or defending himself in any way until the trance is broken. (6th sense only indicator)
Presence Sense 120’, 30m area 20Min (2/lvl) Alerts the character to the presence of supernatural and magic creatures in the area. The psychic can also sense human presences, but with much less accuracy – it is more of a feeling of “We are not alone.”
Alter Aura Self 10Hours (1/lvl) General level of experience can be made to seem much lower
(level 1 or 2) or much higher (2D4 levels higher) than it really is. Conceal the presence of psychic powers. Conceal level of base P.P.E. (made to seem much lower). Conceal the presence of magic.
Sense Evil 140’ 42.7m area 20Min (2/lvl) Sense general number of supernatural evil Presences, Intensity (alignment) can track the source of supernatural evil, like a bloodhound. Human evil is vague
Empathy 100’ area 20Min (2/lvl) makes the psychic aware of, or feel, the emotions of other people, animals and supernatural creatures.
Deaden Pain 3’ 10Hours (1/lvl) Takes 2 minutes to cast. The ability to deaden pain can be used as a painkiller which temporarily negates existing pain or as an anesthetic to be used for surgery.
Mind Block Self 100Min (10/lvl) Prevent penetration of telepathy, empathy, hypnotic suggestion, and empathic transfer. Adds a bonus of +1 to save vs all psychic and mental attacks.
Induce Sleep 6’ 10Hours (1/lvl) Must meditate 2 min. The person will fall into a normal, restful sleep from which he can be easily roused. Unwilling victims of the induce sleep psi-power get a +5 bonus to save
Hypnotic Suggestion 12’ (eye contact) < A few hours The power of suggestion can not make a person think he’s a chicken, nor does it make a person the psychic’s charmed, zombie slave that obeys his every command. It simply soothes or implants a notion into someone’s thoughts. Sometimes that little bit can be an important edge
Super-Hypnotic Suggestion LoS 5min This mind control power enables the vampire to place any living creature in a light trance and enforce his will over the victim’s. The vampire’s commands will be obeyed except where they would go completely against the victim’s alignment. By cunningly using this power, the vampire can phrase a command in a way that the victim will have no compunction to refuse. Caster’s death or caster’s release terminates spell.
Cost Duration Description
Cost Duration Description
Invisible Haze 30 6min/lvl Telepathic invisibility, same as invisibility(minor). Sv psionics if viewed going invis. See Aura, and See Invis do not work. Technology doesn’t work.
Mental Illusion 20 Special See/hear/interact with illusionary being. Only target sees being, but could see the being interacting with other beings. Monster has abilities that the target believes it has. Std Sv Psionics.
Weapon Proficiencies
Cost Duration Description
W.P. Short/Long Sword +1 strike
W.P. Blunt, +1 strike/parry
W.P. Dagger (Stake), +1 for stakes
W.P. Cross Bow, +1 Parry 640 foot
W.P. Pistol +1/3
W.P. Auto-Rifle +1/3
W.P. Sniper +2
W.P. Shotgun 2/1
Read/Write Native Language 98% 1 98%
Undead Lore 55%+5% 1
Demon and Devil Lore 45%+5% 1
Vampire Lore 55%+5% 1
Wilderness Survival 50%+5% 1
Scale Walls 50%+5% 1
Weaponsmithing(Vampire Hunting) 80%+5% 1
Pilot Motorcycle 65%+5% 3
Forensic science (first Aid) 30%+5% 3
Gymnastics 3
sense balance 30%+5% 3
work parallel bars 30%+5% 3
Back flip & somersault 40%+5% 3
Public Speaking 30%+5% 3
Disguise 32%+5% 1
Prowl 35+5 1
detect ambush 45+5 1
Intelligence 30+5 1
Pick Lock 35+5 1
Sing (professional) 55+5 1
Wardrobe & Grooming 35+5 1

The Bike
Type: Honda Valkyries V-12
Passenger 2
Engine: 1520 cc
Top Speed 215 mph

Stealth engine -500
Saddle bags leather -500
Extended fuel tank -250
G.P.S. -90

Weapons -750
Front mounted 12 GA
Mounted between the tank and front forks front facing shots only.
Buck shot 5d6
Slug 6d6
Silver Bolo shot 3d6 to 5 foot area

Defensive weapons
Rear facing caltrop depenser -6 uses -150
Oil slick 6 uses -250
Smoke screen -250
Retractable studded off road tires -500
Run flats -150

110 left for future repairs


The date of my rebirth, the night was dark and cold the fog was coming in off the island and the big man jolting Joe had just put his last fellow down. I was doing my usual rounds. My name is Tony “Silence” Slims I was a mob enforcer in the day, the Gambino where good to me, my old man was a driver for the dons daughter and he saw my potential as a hitter, and I did my job well, at twenty nine I had a fast car, good ladies and all the dough I could see and in a couple years I would have been a made man.

Then the dame shows up and messes my plans, the boss had told me about a new business opening and needed a little insurance talk. The docks and the warehouses district where my grounds nothing opened there with out the say so.

I was just exiting the store after explaining the situation to the owner, when I saw her, black hair, raven eyes and the most curves I had seen in a while this dame was hot and gave Betty Page a run for her money, as I walked to my car I saw she was leaning on the hood in a one piece leather suit that sipped up the front.

I remember asking her what’s up toots, to which she simply smiled and replied “ Mr. Slims my name is Alexandria and I have been watching you. “ At this phrase I thought for a couple she was fuzz given they had just clinked the don a month ago. I took a step back “ hey dame you got the wrong guy just an insurance salesmen here.” He reply cooled my veins “ yes Mr. Slims I know what kind of insurance you sale and I believe you would be a perfect addition to my team It pays well and there are perks” as the last word rolled off her tongue I noticed she had unzipped the top of her suit to show some great skin.

Now I am not a stupid bloke or one to pass up an additional deal, the don had no issue with us line men taking a job as long as it didn’t detail taking on our own guys or starting a turf war. So I simply told her to get in as I held the door open for her.

As the Packard was headed up nineteenth street I causally asked “ So toots what’s this Job and where do I sign up she simply pointed to an alley “ pull in there mr. Slims and we can make this deal official“. Now this would not be the first time I had a slap stick and poke ride interview and this time I may even like it.

As I stopped the car this dame was all over me, as we where necking I felt her grab me and then she attacked me, her grip became like iron as she bit me, the last thing I remember is the burn as the world went black.

A decade later, he met Rin-Tsukiko, and they worked together on and off until one fateful night in the Amazons. They were tracking down a folk myth of the Cara de Abobaras. They assaulted a nest, and were slain, but not without taking out a veritable mountain of them first. They would have remained there, frozen in an endless death trance, if not for the scout of the Coven of the Lost. They were taken to the hidden Hartford Heights, and revived through a Blood Rite. They remained there, under oath of secrecy, till the creation of the coven of the six, in February 2013.

Tony Slims

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