Niece-heir of the Coven of the Lost




Coven of the Lost
Horror Factor: 14
Description: Blonde twins, Reggie dresses as provocatively as she likes, while the more conservative Penny often dresses in formal attire with her hair pulled back and reading glasses. They share a matching tattoo of a rabbit with the letters P.B. on it.

Niece-Heir of the Coven of the Lost

Alignment Anarchist IQ 21 Save vs Magic +9 Strike +10
HT 5’6" ME 20 Save vs Psionics +3 Parry +10
WT 133lbs MA 23 Save vs Poisons +9 Dodge +10
HP 130 PS 35 Save vs Insanity +3 Roll +7
BPP 66/64 PP 31 Save vs horror +5 Pull +3
Level 4 PE 31 Save vs coma/death +31% Initiative +3
Sex Female PB 23 Save vs Mind Control +3 Damage +24
Birthday 1888 SPD 23 Save vs Possession +88 Disarm
HF 14 Charm/Impress 65% Critical 20
HTH Assassin Trust/Intimidate 75% Perception +4
EXP 14250
Feeding Habits None Yet ATTACKS 7
Range Description
Nightvision See 600’ in pure darkness
Super Resilience Impervious to all Magical and Psionic sleeps and paralysis.
Vampire’s Bite Touch 3D6 + PS Bonuses.
Kick 4’ 2D4 damage
Restrained punch 3’ 2D6 SDC
Punch 3’ 5D6
Power punch 3’ 1D6x1O Counts as two melee attacks.
Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Rate of Fire Thrown
Knife 1 +1 +2 +1
Targeting 1 +1 +2
Archery 1 +2 +1 4
Paired Knife 1
Range Duration Description
Veil of the Lost Self Only 3Min (3/lvl) Lost First level spell User turns invisible. Impervious to psionic or visual detection, except see Invisible. While invisible, Prowl is considered 98%
Death Trance Self 4 days state of suspended animation, simulating death. he is incapable of attacking or defending himself in any way until the trance is broken. (6th sense only indicator)
Presence Sense 120’, 30m area 2Min (2/lvl) Alerts the character to the presence of supernatural and magic creatures in the area. The psychic can also sense human presences, but with much less accuracy – it is more of a feeling of “We are not alone.”
Alter Aura Self 1Hour (1/lvl) General level of experience can be made to seem much lower
(level 1 or 2) or much higher (2D4 levels higher) than it really is. Conceal the presence of psychic powers. Conceal level of base P.P.E. (made to seem much lower). Conceal the presence of magic.
Sense Evil 140’ 42.7m area 2Min (2/lvl) Sense general number of supernatural evil Presences, Intensity (alignment) can track the source of supernatural evil, like a bloodhound. Human evil is vague
Empathy 100’ area 2Min (2/lvl) makes the psychic aware of, or feel, the emotions of other people, animals and supernatural creatures.
Deaden Pain 3’ 1Hour (1/lvl) Takes 2 minutes to cast. The ability to deaden pain can be used as a painkiller which temporarily negates existing pain or as an anesthetic to be used for surgery.
Mind Block Self 10Min (10/lvl) Prevent penetration of telepathy, empathy, hypnotic suggestion, and empathic transfer. Adds a bonus of +1 to save vs all psychic and mental attacks.
Induce Sleep 6’ 1Hour (1/lvl) Must meditate 2 min. The person will fall into a normal, restful sleep from which he can be easily roused. Unwilling victims of the induce sleep psi-power get a +5 bonus to save
Hypnotic Suggestion 12’ (eye contact) < A few hours The power of suggestion can not make a person think he’s a chicken, nor does it make a person the psychic’s charmed, zombie slave that obeys his every command. It simply soothes or implants a notion into someone’s thoughts. Sometimes that little bit can be an important edge
Super-Hypnotic Suggestion LoS 5min This mind control power enables the vampire to place any living creature in a light trance and enforce his will over the victim’s. The vampire’s commands will be obeyed except where they would go completely against the victim’s alignment. By cunningly using this power, the vampire can phrase a command in a way that the victim will have no compunction to refuse. Caster’s death or caster’s release terminates spell.
Cost Range Duration Description
Cloud of Smoke 2 90’ 4 melees/lvl While in
the cloud, victims will be at -5 to strike, parry and dodge.
Reanimate Flesh 4 Touch 1 Hour With this spell, a mage can animate and control up to 15 lbs (6 kg)
of dead flesh.
See Aura 6 100’ 1 melee All things, organic and inorganic, have an aura.
Heavy Breathing 5 60’ 5 melees/lvl -2 strik -1 parry and dodge and if fail 1-60% they flee
Levitation 5 60’ 3 min/lvl Lift stuff up and 200 plus 20 lbs per level, 60+10 ft per level max. height
Mystic Alarm 5 12’ 1 year per level Alarm goes off silently from anywhere on the world
Language:Spanish 98% 3 98%
Language:English 57% +5% 15% 3 87%
Language:Japonese 57% +5% 15% 3 87%
Climb/Scale Walls 54% +5% 10% 3 79%
Concealment 27% +4% 14% 3 53%
Detect Concealment & Traps 32% +5% 10% 3 59%
Math:Basic 52% +5% 20% 3 87%
Pick Locks 37% +5% 15% 3 67%
Prowl 65% +5% 10% 3 90%
Track Humanoids/Blood 32% +5 10%/20% 3 57%/67%
W.P. Knife
W.P. Paired
W.P. Archery
W.P. Targetting
Literacy: English 37% +5% 15% 3 67%
Detect Ambush 37% +5% 10% 3 62%
Intelligence 41% +4% 10% 3 63%
Streetwise 27% +4% 10% 3 49%
Pickpockets 32% +5% 10% 3 57%
Lore: Demon and Monster 42% +4% 10% 3 64%
Forgery 29% +5% 10% 3 54%
Heraldry 27%/32% +5% 10% 3 52%/57%
Detect Concealment 32% +5% 10% 3 57%
Balance 57% +5% 3 72%
Parallel Bars 67% +5% 3 82%
Climb Rope 77% +2% 3 83%
Back Flip 77% +5% 3 92%
Damage Ammo Range
Silver “VaCom” Throwing Daggers 1D4+2 2 375(Strength calculation included)
Silver “VaCom” Knife 2D6+4 1 1’ length
Silver “VaCom” Dagger 2D6+4 1 6" length
1 Handed Collapsable Crossbow 1D6 - 160ft, 1088gms 171mm barrel, stakes.

Two sets of clothing, a regular length Leather jacket with 6 inside pockets (3 hidden), boots, a pair of soft leather gloves, belt, purse, backpack, one medium- sized sack, three small sacks, a canteen, a set of lock picking tools, 50 feet (15.2 m) of rope, grappling hook, 5 stakes made from Iron Bamboo, a small hammer, and a pocket mirror.


Reggieand pennie

When Reggie and Penny were young, they lived happily in seclusion with their mother and father. Things were great. Her mother was the sister of the bloodlord, Silas, and he would visit the girls often. Everything was perfect, until one day their father snapped. The life they enjoyed vanished and he became abusive. He was caught a few times taking advantage of the young girls by his wife, but he would deny it. Arguments were commonplace in their home as were broken glasses. Eventually things escalated and there was a large fight. Things went quite for a long time. That was when their father came into their bedroom like he did several other times. Only their mother could not be heard in the background and he was covered in some grey powder. He walked over to Reggie’s small bed only to be greeted by the shotgun their mother had hidden for them in their bedroom in case of emergency. In seconds the man’s brains were splattered on the clown wallpaper and a cloud of ash filled the room. The girls have never forgotten that night. Several weeks later Silas arrived at their house to find the starving girls. Reggie seemed to be distant and changed like a wildfire lit inside of her, and Penny became a quiet obedient girl losing her entire childlike nature overnight. Their uncle took them into his home and raised the girls. Now Reggie enjoys the party life, while Penny focuses on the business aspects of the coven. They don’t talk to each other much more than notes left around the house or e-mails sent to each other. They are never seen together as well. It seems as though something changed them that night and separated their oneness.


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