Edgar Cayce

The Sleeping Psionic


Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce was born in 1877, and lived for 68 years. From the age of 8, he started to show signs of psychic prowess. In a world where such things weren’t even in the imaginations of popular culture outside of Religious Prophetic Revelation, he was seen as strange, and even eccentric to most that knew of him. He did, however start an Association for Research and Enlightenment, so that humankind would study and learn about such phenomena. In the supernatural world, he was feared and respected as the Sleeping Prophet. He would enter the Astral Plane and read the flow of time and reality itself. Such a psychic has rarely been found. Most of his readings are found at the library of A.R.E., but one reading is only available to the one to whom it was given, and the president of A.R.E. passed down predecessor to successor.

The account, Ira Deorum, goes;
One cloudy February afternoon, Tuesday the 14th, at roughly 3:15 pm, a strange man came to see Mr. Cayce about a reading. He had blonde hair, pale features, and covered all of his skin, wearing a trench coat with a deep hood, jeans and leather gloves. When he spoke, his speech whistled from time to time due to overlarge canines. He asked to see Mr. Cayce about being read, and only gave the name of Mr. Belmont.

Mr. Cayce acquiesced, and we adjourned to the parlor, where he regularly takes his readings. Mr. Belmont sat in the chair near one end of the couch, so that he would be close to Mr. Cayce’s reading. Mr. Cayce lay as usual with hands folded, and hummed a few bars of “How Great Thou Art.”

After three minutes of meditation, Mr. Cayce started to scream, exclaiming “LUX, LUX, O, DEI, LUX.”

He then spoke in Latin, translated; “One Century hence, a day will come when the stars fall from the sky, and the moon will bleed with pitch. On that day there will be great lamentations, and none who are living shall escape the destruction. Man shall fight his brother, mother will smother her daughter, and children shall flee the wrath of their parents. Great beasts will come from the depths of hell, and the war shall start. For three days and two nights the darkness reigns, but the sun shall rise once more, and the children of men and God will strive thence for a short while. If none who fight are valiant, and if all forget their purpose, the darkness shall return, and devour the earth for all eternity.”

Then Mr. Belmont placed a ring under the palm of Mr. Cayce with a note written on antique parchment and left without a word. Mr. Cayce revived shortly thereafter and asked that I leave.
written by Harold Stanton, secretary.

Edgar Cayce redoubled his time at A.R.E. from then on, and the President of the Association continues his work to this day.


Edgar Cayce

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